Modern Dev with Javascript, Typescript and Node


Sahil Malik

Sahil je ustanovitelj ter vodja, prejemnik Microsoftove MVP nagrade že več kot 10 let ter avtor in recenzent številnih knjig in člankov v najbolših tehnoloških časnikih. S svojimi svetovalskimi ter predavateljskimi izkušnjami s petih kontinentov ter 18 držav, zna Sahil tudi najbolj kompleksne tematike prikazati na izjemno razumljiv način. Vabljeni k sledenju njegovega Twitter kanala: @sahilmalik


You just can’t avoid JavaScript. The only language that runs everywhere, is showing bounds of innovation, is here to stay. This course brings your neophyte Javascript skills to top notch professional skills, while familiarizing you with Node, NPM, Angular, React, and of course Typescript.

Pogoji za udeležbo

Attendees must have basic working knowledge of JavaScript.



  • Course Introduction
  • Who is this course for?
  • Background and PreRequisites
  • Course outline and overview
  • Meet the instructor


  • History of JavaScript
  • Why JavaScript is important
  • JavaScript problems
    • Globals
    • Reserved Keywords
    • Semicolon insertion
    • DataType confusion
    • parseInt unreliability
    • Operators unreliability
    • Numbers (mis)behavior
    • With operator, do without
    • Arrays [are,problematic]
    • Scoping issues
    • Understanding closures
    • Hoisting and bugs that may cause
    • Using CDNs
    • Data (un)secrecy and (in)security
    • this operator
    • Other issues
  • JavaScript best practices
    • Misc. best practices and habits
    • Performance tips
    • String best practices
    • Numbers best practices
    • Error handling
    • use strict
    • Coding conventions
  • Debugging JavaScript


  • Introductions
  • What is TypeScript, and why use TypeScript
  • Developing with TypeScript
    • Using TypeScript in your project – Visual Studio
    • Using TypeScript in your project – Visual Studio Code or other editors
    • How TypeScript fixes JavaScript’s shortcomings
  • Learning TypeScript in depth
    • Interfaces
    • Classes
    • Modules
    • Functions
    • Generics
    • Merging

Node JS and NPM

  • What is NodeJS?
  • What is NPM?
  • What is NPM registry
  • Developing and debugging using VSCode
  • NPM packages, and Package.json
  • Maintaining packages
  • Yarn
  • NPX
  • Publishing packages

Angular 4x

  • Basic structure of an Angular app
  • Translations
  • Components
  • AOT
  • Databinding
  • Services and DI
  • Lifecycle
  • Observables
  • Forms
  • Routing
  • Best Practices


  • Introduction to React
  • Components
  • JSX and TSX
  • Events
  • Forms


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500 EUR

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