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Speakers from the previous years

Some of the experts that co-created the agenda of at least 7 conferences in Slovenia.

Radi Atanassov
Radi Atanassov
Chief Architect,
OneBit Software
Zlatan Džinić
Zlatan Džinić
Senior Solution Architect,
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services
Adis Jugo
Adis Jugo
Teams Consulting,
Teams Consulting
Michael Noel
Michael Noel
Joel Oleson
Joel Oleson
Sr Product Manager & M365 Architect,
Robi Vončina
Robi Vončina
SharePoint Architect, System Engineer,
Kompas Xnet
Kompas Xnet
Miha Pihler
Miha Pihler
Consultant and Owner,
Mikeji d.o.o.
Mikeji d.o.o.
Dejan Sarka
Dejan Sarka
Dejan Sarka s.p.

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Thrive Conference is the perfect way for you to engage with the IT community in Slovenia. Showcase your products and services, generate new leads, and extend brand awareness!

"The conference helps me solve problems at work that I can't solve during working time, here I can ask the experts. There are really experts from all different fields. It's worth coming."
Rok Hribar
"There's great speakers, great venues and it's really well organized. I think the Thrive Conference is one of those hidden gems of Europe, Slovenia is actually a really convenient country to travel."
Vesa Juvonen
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
"The Thrive conference is one of my favorite conferences, not just because of the beautiful location, though they do do a great job with that, but it's a nice, cozy, boutique kind of conference."
Todd Klindt
Architect, Sympraxis Consulting
"I found the "Ask the experts" session very interesting because we were debating about the situation with on-premises infrastructure and migrating to the cloud, what can the companies that have legislative restrictions do regarding the migration to the cloud."
Mojca Brecelj
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