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250.00 € + VAT, December 3rd, Kompas Xnet

A Deeper Dive into Client Side Development in SharePoint

A Beginner’s Guide to Client Side Development in SharePoint ( Part 1 of full day workshop)

Client Side development has evolved from a SharePoint Dark Art in SharePoint 2007 to an essential skill developers need to get the most out of their sites and applications in SharePoint. Now, using a little bit of JavaScript and tools like jQuery, developers can create stunning, functional sites that they are proud of. In this workshop, attendees will be introduced to client side development in SharePoint learn essential skills that they can begin to use immediately. Attendees will learn:

• The pros and cons of client side development and how to get started
• How to effectively interact with SharePoint using JavaScript to build powerful applications
• What is jQuery and how to use it effectively
• Debugging techniques that will stop you from wanting to pull your hair out
• How to modify SharePoint’s default classic forms quickly and easily

A Deeper Dive into Client Side Development in SharePoint  (Part 2 of full day workshop)

Now that you’ve attended my morning workshop and understand the basics of client side development in SharePoint, we’ll dive deeper and see what kind of real word examples we can create. In this demo packed ½ day workshop your brain will be exploding with ideas on how to take your applications to the next level using client side development! In this workshop users will learn:

• How to use Third Party Libraries to take the SharePoint applications to the next level
• How to use REST, CSOM, and SPServices to interact with SharePoint list data and create business logic
• How to step-by-step create a functional, usable time tracking application