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250.00 € + VAT, December 3rd, Kompas Xnet

Enable your Teams Collab Space from dreams

Office 365 is a set of cloud productivity tools which help users to optimize their work force, reducing time and effort and in the same time help the users with creation of professional high-quality content and documents. It is user’s “go-to Office anywhere” because it is online service where the user can access all tools, chats, collaboration platforms and all documents from any place and on any device (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows tablet etc.). It has easily set up management which allows step-by-step guidelines, so the user can administer the account by himself and start the usage of Office 365 as soon as possible. Because it is cloud service/subscription, all the product changes are always up to date.

Microsoft Teams as one of the core services included in Office 365 is high-productivity tool enabling users chat-based workspace where they can collaborate on documents, share ideas, chat, customize teams and channels, create and join meetings, follow important announcements and much more.

In this workshop you will learn how to use Microsoft Teams tool and how to improve your productivity leading to return of investment multiple times from time saving, management, security and collaboration perspective. We will cover topics on integration between Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 tools and how can you, as a user, benefit from this integration in point of work effectiveness. You will also learn how Office 365 can help easily stay connected with coworkers and customers by using instant messaging, Audio Video and Web Conferencing, Collaboration tools and sharing documents.

The workshop is written by Gorana Konevska Jankoska, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – MVP for Office Servers and Services, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Business Productivity Consultant.

The content is constantly updated according to changes in the product and public documentation released by Microsoft.