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Exchange in Autodiscover

Track: ExchangeLevel: 300

Exchange Autodiscover service has been present in Exchange since version 2007 – over 10 years now. Outlook 2016 is the first version of Outlook that doesn’t allow manual configuration and is completely reliant on correctly configured Autodiscover for connectivity to Exchange. Even previous version of Outlook were relying on Autodiscover for services such as “Out of Office”, “Free/Busy”, “Offline Address Book” and “Mail Tips”.
This session based on number of demonstrations takes us deep into Autodiscover service. Session will answer common questions such as:
- How does Autodiscover work with Outlook
- How does Autodiscover work with mobile devices such as iPhone and Android
- How to correctly plan your certificates (names) (and potentially save money) for Autodiscover
- How to use Autodiscover in Office 365 Hybrid configuration
- How to troubleshoot Autodiscover
- What tools to use for troubleshooting

12/5/2018 3:00 PM
12/5/2018 4:00 PM