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Thrive 2019


Boon and bane: Exchange ActiveSync devices

Track: ExchangeLevel: 300

As the trend is towards multiple devices, we can see an increasing number of issues related with mobile devices. In this session you will learn about your possibilities to troubleshoot such issues. In this session we put on Sherlock hat and start our investigation using the following data:
You will be astonished, what information could be revealed from these logs.

Each Exchange databases have a table called EventHistory. With Get-DatabaseEvent you can query these entries.

IIS logs:
Exchange ActiveSync is the only protocol, which logs all its commands in the IIS logs. The perfect tool to query IIS logs is LogParser.

Exchange Web Services:
When the issue is related to calendar items, EWS is one of the fastest way to pull data from mailboxes.

Ingo Gegenwarth