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SharePoint Admin 101 (and beyond)

Track: SharePoint ProLevel: 300

Whether you’re a grizzled old SharePoint admin, or this is your first SharePoint job, this session will help you be a better SharePoint admin. We’ll cover the roles and responsibilities of a good SharePoint Admin whether you’re dealing with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, or even taking the plunge with SharePoint 2019. That’s things like PowerShell, Azure AD, and Hybrid. We’ll help you plan out your SharePoint farm and then help you push all the buttons and turn all the knobs to get you there. There might be the random bad joke here and there, but when you leave this session you’ll have learned skills you can put to use when you get back to work.

12/5/2018 4:30 PM
12/5/2018 5:30 PM