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Real world use cases solved with Microsoft 365 and Azure

Track: DevelopmentLevel: 300

The Microsoft cloud offers a large amount of services to solve business needs. In real world, IT needs to find solutions for business requirements to benefit from the services Microsoft 365 and Azure provide.
This session demonstrates real world customer use cases and ways to solve requirements with technologies like Azure Active Directory, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Graph, Azure Functions, PowerShell, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, LogicApps and more.
Real-life examples from customers help you understand how to use Microsoft 365 and Azure to develop standardized and automated solutions that help your IT to stay compliant and make your users happy as they safe a lot of time.
Demos include building out-of-the-box Office 365 Group provisioning with an approval workflow, a GDPR request process with LogicApps and Azure Functions, Adaptive Cards for quick decision making within Outlook and Teams, and Graph WebHooks to customize Office 365 services as needed in your organization.
This session provides a selection of the Top Office 365 and Azure services based in real world scenarios. It delivers ready-to-use concepts, tools and code how to develop cool workflows and organization-based solutions with Office 365 and Azure. Be inspired by real world use cases solved with Microsoft 365.
Whether you are a IT professional, Business decision maker, end user, developer or solutions architect, you will take away how you can use Microsoft 365 and Azure to solve your business requirements.

12/4/2018 3:55 PM
12/4/2018 4:55 PM