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CxO Panel: It’s Time to Get Real

Track: CxOLevel: 100

Moderator: Mike Fitzmaurice
Panellists: Spencer Harbar, Nenad Trajkovski, and John White

We spend a lot of time pushing technology to clients and users, always in search of the Next Big Thing. It’s allowed for great advances in both development and infrastructure. We talk about digital transformation, user empowerment, etc. – but do they actually make a difference on actual business metrics? What do technologist need to keep top-of-mind as we continue to, well, do technology? Where do current trends in development, collaboration options, business intelligence, etc. help and hinder “getting things done”?
Join Mike Fitzmaurice, Spencer Harbar, Nenad Trajkovski, and John White as they respond to the questions you ask -- plus the questions they wish you’d ask. They’re CxOs themselves, work with CxOs in many sectors, and represent more than a combined century of expertise when it comes to translating technical talent into business benefits.

4. 12. 2018 11:00
4. 12. 2018 12:00