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Security best practices for business users in Office 365

Track: CloudLevel: 200

Security is a great concern for many organizations and moving to the cloud is a completely new task for both administrators and business users.
Administrators are always trying to deliver maximum security, where business users always want to deliver maximum business productivity. In many organizations, synchronizing those two different points of view represents a big challenge.
In this session we will learn how these two different departments work together with efficiency to deliver the best of both. We will discuss security best practices from the business user perspective and from the IT administrator’s perspective and show real world examples of security in Office 365 deployments.
The session will be delivered by two speakers, each representing its own point of view.
Gorana Konevska Jankoska is a business productivity consultant, deploying Office 365 for business users, and she will present the business user story. Vladimir Meloski is an Office 365 MVP, author of more than 20 courses and books, including Microsoft official course for Office 365, and he will present the administrators story.

5. 12. 2018 13:45
5. 12. 2018 14:45