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Since 2005, KWizCom has provided innovative solutions and services to make SharePoint even better for over 7,000 companies worldwide. KWizCom is a leading provider of SharePoint Forms, Workflows, Mobile, Wiki solutions, and over 60 other add-ons for SharePoint on-premises and apps for Office 365. KWizCom software is available to federal, state and local government agencies through GSA schedule.

KWizCom is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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A merger of two breweries – Pivovarna Laško and Pivovarna Union, formed the PIVOVARNA LAŠKO UNION group, which is the leading producer of beer in Slovenia. The company, which produces and fills its products at two locations, in Laško and in Ljubljana, has a nearly 200-year-old tradition. The Laško Zlatorog and Union svetlo (light beer) are the two most recognizable trademarks with a tradition. They reflect our passion for quality and we are bound to bring pleasure to life with them.

The Union trademark has been on the market since 1909. You can experience how Union beer was brewed in the past and how it is being brewed today in Union Experience. Take a walk through the rich history of brewing in Ljubljana and see the differences between the brewing methods of the past and modern brewing techniques. Taste different types of Union beer and enjoy traditional beer culinary delights in the Union Pivnica (drinking hall).

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The mimovrste=) web store was formed in 2002 as a fulfillment of the idea to provide customers with a friendly, comfortable and affordable shopping experience. This is still our mission today. In Slovenia’s biggest and most smiling store, we can count more than 750,000 users, who can choose from more than 90,000 different items in 16 different categories. On mimovrste=), shoppers can find everything from car tires, laptops, refrigerators to dog food, tools, cosmetics, toys and sport gear.

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WEBCON develops the world-class, enterprise-grade Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform WEBCON BPS (Business Process Suite). Built on top of the ubiquitous Microsoft SharePoint system, WEBCON BPS allows IT departments and business process teams to efficiently deliver business applications using agile, iterative, no-code methods. Our cutting-edge InstantChange™ technology revolutionizes the application delivery process, enabling instant and ongoing change management which reduces time-to-business and project risk to a minimum. Every day, WEBCON BPS delivers the tools that in-house IT departments need to become business superheroes, and turning our partners into the primary business application providers for their clients.

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Računalniške novice

The Računalniške novice magazine is one of the most established mediums in the field of IT. It offers high quality content for a low price. It's focus is mainly new technologies and trends in IT. Because we want the articles in Računalniške novice to be up to date, the magazine is published twice a month (every second and fourth Thursday of the month). That amount to 21 editions per year. The New Year's and summer editions are double.

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Our ecological vineyards, grown in the ecological olive groves of Vina Montis & Eco Laura estate are located at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level, where the Mediterranean climate and Istrian soil offer very favorable conditions for growing vines and olive trees. All ecological vineyards and ecological olive groves occupy sunny slopes with views overlooking the sea, which improves the quality of our natural harvests, characterized by the aroma of the Mediterranean and a rich taste.


Fala is a brand that has been bringing bakers and lovers of leavened bread an indispensable ingredient of a characteristic flavour and aroma. The Fala elephant has been greeting us from the packaging of the Fala yeast for a long time, but recently, the Fala elephant has also shown up on Fala sour dough. The sour dough has become a true innovation on the market shelves and has already become an indispensable secret of a tasty and aromatic home made bread.

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In our vineyards, some of which are as young as 2 years, while others are as old as thirty yeards, we produce Yellow Muscat, the aromatic Riesling, the grassy Sauvignon, the elegant Chardonnay, the gentle White Pinot, the popular Welschriesling and the lively Pinot Gris. For two years, we have also been spoiling you with our Gewürztraminer.

We ripen our wines in our own cellar. In the vineyard and in the cellar, we combine old family traditions with the newest breakthroughs in viticulture and winemaking. We have been bottling our wines since 1984 and today we bottle more than 95% of our products.

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