angleščina (Združene države)


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Whether it be training, up-skilling or starting from scratch, the opportunities to learn from the BEST in the field are HERE!


Meet like-minded people, make new connections, build your support network. See a big range of products and demonstrations all in the one place!


Walk away with ideas and momentum. We bring you lots of what is new.

Pre-Conference Workshops

In addition to numerous sessions at the conference, we also offer you the opportunity to attend intensive one-day pre-conference workshops, where you can further deepen your knowledge of technology.


30+ world-renowned speakers. Many of our speakers are either Microsoft engineers or have achieved Microsoft MVP or MCM status based on their in-depth knowledge.


Attend the sessions that work best for you. With more than 60 classes and workshops to choose from, you can make Thrive your own custom training event


Get answers to your questions during or directly after the sessions, or as you mingle with speakers and peers at coffee breaks or at the evening event!


The registration fee is very affordable and we also offer various discounts for you, for groups of people, for students, …


Check out what some past attendees and top speakers have to say about past conferences.

Once again, many thanks for hosting me as part of the conference!

Spencer Harbar, Triumph Media

Naj se Vam zahvalim za vašo vztrajnost, da ste me prepričali za udeležbo na konferenci in me »povlekli« iz dnevnih aktivnosti, katere so me seveda počakale 😊. Prijetno druženje  in podane vsebine so bile vredne udeležbe in Vam in vašim sodelavcem čestitam za odlično organizacijo in pozitivno energijo, ki ste jo širili med udeleženci. Čeprav sem »spustil« večerni dogodek, ste mi polepšali dan, za kar se Vam še enkrat zahvaljujem.

Andrej Hočevar, Direktor informatike, Salus Veletrgovina d.o.o.

Thanks for the awesome conference ! I thrully enjoyed it.

Gokan Ozcifci, Neoxy

I would like to commend the organization and implementation of SharePoint Days 2014. Extending the scope to Exchange in combination with SharePoint is very welcome and helpful. Introductionary lecture, with a plenty of foreign IT experts and their presentations of "cloud" services in environments with multiple 10 and 100 thousand users, surprised me as it downed on me that for many highly professional IT companies Slovenia became too small, as for work as development , so globalization must be taken as an opportunity. I must admit that I was very impressed by the introductory lecture as it served as a good guideline to the conference.

Rok Hribar, IT systems coordinator, Filc d.d.

Visiting Slovenia and your great conference is always a highlight of the year 😊.

Erwin van Hunen, Rencore AB

Our company regularly participate in conference Sharepoint day. At the conference we gain a number of key information about the latest and best management practices of the Sharepoint platform. The acquired information can help us with our decisions and strategies for optimal support of business processes. The conference always host top domestic and foreign experts, the organization is at a very high level, which befit such an event.

Simon Novak, systems engineer, Pivovarna Laško d.d.

Thanks again for organizing such a wonderful event and for taking care of your speakers so well!

Michael Noel, partner at Convergent Computing

We bet on the SharePoint platform, so we attend the conference in large numbers and thus bring home different experiences . We expect great conference organization and in-depth insight into the layout of SP2013, managing authorizations, useful applications. However, the conference along with evening events is also an ideal opportunity for an informal exchange of experiences between existing SharePoint users in Slovenia.

Janez Selak, IT systems administrator, Krka d.d.

Thanks for the great conference, I really enjoyed it!

Siegfried Jagott, atwork

The most remarkable event at the SharePoint days conference to me was the Roundtable with a two-way communication between the participants and experts. This way we discussed in details various issues and get an insight into the practical experience by attendees and service providers, which is extremely useful in our subsequent business decisions.

Boštjan Tušar, director of information technologies in corporation, Hidria LC d.o.o.

Many thanks for organizing this great event in beautiful Slovenia and for the great speaker gifts and your caring!

Toni Pohl, atwork

At the conference we were among the first in the world to familiarize ourselves with the new platform SharePoint 2013. In addition, I would highlight interesting and professional lectures, especially in the area of BI , and truly relaxed atmosphere both in the lectures themselves, as well as the social event where you can exchange experiences and gain much-needed first-hand information with world renown experts

Matej Kranjc, director of IT, Trimo, d.d.

Thanks for organizing great event and inviting me! I really enjoyed it and hope to see you next year!

Ivan Vagunin, Digia Plc

At the conference, I have focused on the area of business intelligence in SharePoint 2013 and was very pleased. I was most impressed by Greg Jerkičs' lectures entitled " What's new in Analysis Services 2012 and how you can scale-out deployment of PowerPivot for SharePoint "and Dejan Sarkas’ lecture titled " Excel PowerPivot, Power View, Data Mining and Big Data.

Matjaž Vidovič, Head of Business Informatics, Trimo, d.d.

I had a great time with the attendees and other speakers.  Fantastic event as always.

Joel Oleson, Konica Minolta Business Solutions

At the conference we were among the first in the world to familiarize ourselves with the new platform SharePoint 2013. In addition, I would highlight interesting and professional lectures, especially in the area of BI , and truly relaxed atmosphere both in the lectures themselves, as well as the social event where you can exchange experiences and gain much-needed first-hand information with world renown experts.

Slavko Kužnik, systems engineer, Trimo, d.d.

Yes, I did enjoy Thrive conference. It was a very special event, very welcoming and easy-going. All the people I met were friendly and there was kind of intimate, no-nonsense feeling also in sessions. Top speakers and good chances to have a chat with them after sessions. I thank you for the unique experience last year and wish all the best for upcoming Thrives.

Katja Jokisalo, Senior Consultant



In the heart of Europe lies Slovenia – a tiny, but incredibly
diverse country. It is situated between the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea,
the mysterious Karst with its more than 11,000 Karst caves
and the Pannonian Basin, which is incredibly rich in healing thermal waters.

The Postojna Cave

& Predjama Castle

The most visited Karst cave in Europe. Ride a train that goes through the cave and take a look at all of the underground masterpieces of nature, such as stalactites and stalagmites, galleries, halls and other water-made creations.

The cave is connected with the biggest castle, built into the mouth of a cave, the Predjama Caste.


& Lake Bled

Slovenia has only one island and it is located in the middle of a lake. For centuries, visitors have been ferried to this island with traditional wooden boats, called "pletna". The pletna captains, called "pletnars" move the boat around with wooden paddles.

On the island in the middle of the lake, there is a small church called the Church of Mary's Assumption. To get to the church, you need to walk up 99 steps.


& the Sečovlje Salt Pans

All of the old port town, with the remains of it's medieval walls and all of the other landmarks, is protected as a historical cultural monument.

Piran is the most beautiful city of the Slovenian coast. It owns it's prosperity to the Sečovlje Salt Pans. The Sečovlje Salt Pans are still producing the valuable "Fleur de sel", using traditional procedures.


of the Soča river

Called the "Emerald River" because of it's distinct blue-green color, the Soča river is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

Besides all of the natural wonders, the Soča river also harbors a significant amount of the horrific history of World War 1.

Velika Planina

An almost magical hill with one of the biggest cow herding settlements in Europe.

It is full of beautiful green pastures and small cow herder cottages, where you can take some rest and try the traditional milk products they offer.


Visit one of Europe's greenest capital cities, known for special vibe both during the day and during the night.

You can read enthusiastic blogs about Ljubljana all over the internet and the friendly people and reasonable prices are even more reasons to visit this city.