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Unite your Modern Workplace with Microsoft's AI ecosystem

, Venecijanka Level: 200 CxO

Your workplace is an important topic. However, it's not a tool or service you buy of the shelf. It is an idea. It's your very own concept of teamwork. Microsoft is investing heavily in this area. For example, think of productivity tools like Teams or SharePoint, and their amount of out of the box features ready to use today. But we believe there is even more. By connecting the modern workplace with Microsoft's artificial intelligence ecosystem, we showcase how your concept of teamwork united with smart services opens the door to new use cases.
This session introduces services of the Microsoft AI stack customers use in their modern workplace. From information stored in your SharePoint lists to exposing your data warehouse KPIs in a dialogue, think of bots as a tool to break up those silos to surface the essential data in your intranet and collaboration spaces. Our demos leverage the platform capabilities of Teams and SharePoint to demonstrate how to unite Office365 with Bots and Cognitive Services and therefore open up your workplace concept to new ideas of combining Office365 and Azure.

11/12/2019 3:55 PM
11/12/2019 4:55 PM
Gölles Goelles