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Thrive 2022


Implementing fully automated Change Management System in Azure

, Stebrov Track: CloudLevel: 300

We can observe an enormous shift in the way we live and work, especially in the past decade. The shift that grows exponentially, colliding the tectonic plates of the information technology, making some into thinking of running and hiding for our jobs. But is that the right thing to do?

As with every earthquake, hiding behind the walls and closed doors will most probably result in more harm than any good. We need to be prepared to ever evolving change and evolve and grow as professionals with it. During this session we will discuss the benefits of embracing the shift and making the technology do the work for you. On a practical example, we will explore how Azure Automation, Azure Functions, Azure DevOps and other cloud services can become building blocks for automating your workloads.

13.11.2019 11:45
13.11.2019 12:45
Aleksandar Draskovic