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Empowering your Business: Building SharePoint List Forms with PowerApps

, Venecijanka Level: 300 BI

PowerApps is extremely powerful and makes it easier to build apps to collect data, streamline business processes and provides a plethora of benefits to help your organization. Not only can you build standalone apps (canvas & model-driven) but you can also build SharePoint custom list forms using PowerApps. Custom list forms are not a standalone PowerApp but instead is a canvas app that replaces the New, Edit, and Display form for SharePoint custom lists. In this session, you will see a real-world scenario based on a customer solution that takes a manual paper form for an IT Hardware Request and turns it into a powerful SharePoint custom list form using PowerApps. The demo will start with the basics and build up to an advanced form that uses multiple screens, pulls data from different SharePoint lists and writes data back to SharePoint. This session will also be providing handy tips and tricks that will help you strengthen your PowerApps custom list view skills.

11/13/2019 3:00 PM
11/13/2019 4:00 PM
Christina Wheeler