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A workers guide to the Common Data Service

, Henry Moore Level: 200 End User

In this session I'll cover everything you need to know about the common data service. What is it, what do you get, how to set it up and then most importantly how to blooming well use it!
Starting with a quick overview of dynamics and underlying technologies., we'll jump straight into look at creating your environment and how to make you life by changing that pesky little cr684 _ or whatever your given to something type-able.
We'll then look at what some of the data types are and when to use them.
We'll cover default entities, how to strap them to your custom entities and save yourself some time.
I'll cover data validation from PowerApps, looking at the best ways of checking that all of your inputs from PowerApps and Flow are getting into your CDS entity, to do this we'll set up a debugging view within the CDS with all the user defined fields in it and sort them.
We'll then look at the data, exporting to Excel... which can be a nightmare, so that will then take us nicely into Dynamics, where we'll import and export dynamics templates.
We'll also look at Data integrations and how to make them easily
So jumping between dynamics and powerapps we'll look at creating a security groups for users in dynamics, covering some of what all those little dots do.
We'll go over the Dynamics portal, looking at creating an entity in dynamics and why it might be better to work in the portal.

11/13/2019 4:30 PM
11/13/2019 5:30 PM
Keith Whatling
Henry Moore