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Marcel Haas  
Collaboration Next GmbH, Digital Workplace Architect, COO
Marcel is a Digital Workplace Architect getting up in the morning to support customers to be more successful in what they are doing.

The Microsoft Collaboration Technologies (aka. SharePoint) and Marcel made their acquaintance back in 2006 and this friendship is still getting deeper every day. Those were the days, when SharePoint was the center of the enterprise universe. Mike Fitzmaurice was on stage wearing his Scottish Kilt (I know it happened again in 2018!) and SharePoint Designer was just about to replace Frontpage Designer. In retro perspective a wonderful episode of his career.

Marcel made all the way up to the “cloud” from on-premises SharePoint to BPOS to Office 365 and thinks SharePoint is still the center of the universe, maybe a bit more hidden and dedicated one. In 2012 he was awarded with the Microsoft Community Contributor Award (MCC) for Office 365 Forums, which at this time already showed his deep commitment to the Community and sharing of knowledge and experience.

Nowadays, Marcel is an active member of the international SharePoint Community, speaking and co-speaking at various international conferences like SPSEvents, Thrive Conference, AIBootcamps, UserGroups and more.

With the shift of the computing model to the cloud-based approach, Marcel specialized in the Microsoft Citizen Developer technologies. The Microsoft Power Platform gives his team, his customers and himself, the power they were dreaming of. Sometimes they challenge “real developers” with their “citizen dev” capabilities, sometimes they win. The future is bright in this space and Marcel thinks that giving power to the people will help to make technology more inclusive.