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Thrive 2022


Case study

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The Covid-19 pandemic has put everyone under pressure, governments, businesses, healthcare sector and even people! Health sector is one of the areas that is under the most pressure during this pandemic, where it must respond to the increasing hospital admissions. This in turn has increased the demand for infection control equipment exponentially!
Norway - just like all other countries - has witnessed the same type of exponential demand for infection control equipment, but unlike most countries, Norway has a systematized and organized process in-place (long before the pandemic) to distribute infection control equipment around the country.
Norway's approach has been to make each municipality responsible for purchasing, handling and distribution. It is a very smart way to prevent suppliers from manipulating prices during high demand times. Thought, this has put more pressure on the municipalities in times of crisis, which made handling and distributing infection control equipment so demanding!
However, Bærum municipality thought differently, they were proactive and believed that digitizing this process would minimize the pressure, and it did indeed! By using cloud services and collaboration platforms at the top, the final product solution made it possible for the municipality's contact persons to register supplier purchase orders, administer and deliver orders from hospitals, emergency rooms, schools, etc. (places of service). This valuable solution was built using SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate and Logic Apps.

5/24/2022 4:45 PM
5/24/2022 5:05 PM
Ahmad Najjar