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Holly Lehman Microsoft, Product Marketing Manager - Microsoft Teams
Microsoft, Product Marketing Manager - Microsoft Teams United States
My passion are the people that make our tech community. They humanize the world around them with the power of technology.
You can change your career at anytime, and this is what Holly Lehman, a Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, has done! For the past 7 years, she has been living the Microsoft life, driven by community obsession. As a Product Marketing Manager on Microsoft Teams, Holly has shown that you own your career. Navigating from End Point Manager to Azure and now Microsoft Teams Holly continues to define her next steps. Holly is partnering with our Partners, MVP & customer community by providing education and getting live feedback by our users! With her love for the Tech Community, she shares a journey with her Partner in Community, Isi Katanic as they travel the world (virtually) interviewing so many in the tech community. Her love for events makes her the point person for many events for Microsoft teams and loves the opportunity to learn more each and every day.