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SQL Server Security

SQL Server has numerous options for tightening the security in all stages of a database lifecycle, starting with preparing a secure environment. SQL Server helps you configuring minimal surface area and assess the vulnerabilities of your database. Then you continue with defining the core permissions in your database – who can see and who can modify which part of it. You can enhance the security by using the programmable objects. SQL Server also enables very detailed column-level and row-level predicate permissions. Encrypting the data can be done in different ways, including the Always Encrypted option, where even the database administrator (DBA) cannot see the data. Instead of encrypting, you can also dynamically mask data.
Preventing data leaks is one part of a secure system. Auditing access to the data might be equally important. SQL Server gives you auditing capabilities out of the box. You can also track all changes of the data and get the state of the data in any time point in the past with system versioned tables. SQL Ledger for Azure SQL Database and for SQL Server 2022 is a new possibility that helps you with proving that your data hasn't been tampered with. Finally, you can also classify your data in order to inform users that they are dealing with sensitive data.

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