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C# Manual Of Style

, Graščina Bonadea Level: 300 Development

Coding standards are a set of guidelines that recommends programming style and best practices to achieve it. As coding regards a programming language, and each programming language is different, talks like this one "C# Best Practices" make sense. What rarely makes sense, instead, but is still strongly recommended by marketing, is tagging the talk with a version number to give attendees that true sense of modernity. So this talk is really about common-sense, experience-driven practices in (version-agnostic) C# but with an eye on it that spans up to version 11 (that mostly has cool synctatic-sugar improvements over existing features). C# is mostly good as is for whatever task. The rest is all about using it effectively and in a time-saving model that also increases readability.

5/31/2023 3:00 PM
5/31/2023 4:00 PM
Dino Esposito
Graščina Bonadea