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300,00 € + VAT

Build your intranet on modern SharePoint

Do you plan to build a new cloud-based intranet using modern SharePoint communication sites? This workshop is all you need to get started!

We’ll mix planning guidance and best practices with actual demos and useful tips to give you both: an overview of intranet planning and implementing process, and also concrete how-to steps and script examples. This workshop is a must for anyone participating in modern Intranet projects.

Contents in a nutshell:
- introduction - what is modern SharePoint and modern intranet
- planning information architecture
- navigation and search
- structures and settings of SharePoint sites
- content creation on communication sites
- web parts and content roll-ups
- intranet main page and other landing pages
- files and document management on the intranet
- look and feel
- user roles and permissions
- intranet as a part of your digital workplace on Office 365
- migrating content from classic SharePoint sites

Katja Jokisalo