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Securing access and identities with Multi-Factor Authentication: Dive Deeper

, Monteaura Level: 300 Azure; Microsoft 365; Security; Cloud

Fact 1: More than 60% of users reuse the same password across multiple accounts. Fact 2: Percentage of active Twitter accounts with MFA enabled in 2020 was less than 3%! Fact 3: If you are not using MFA, you are not cool at all. This session is not just about facts and terrifying statistics on MFA, but about diving deeper into the very details of how multi-factor authentication works, deployment, licensing, features, Passwordless authentication, and much more! Attend this eye-opening session and learn how to raise your organisational security to the whole new level! Bonus: you will find out why you should not be amongst the ones who do not have MFA deployed!

5/31/2023 9:00 AM
5/31/2023 10:00 AM
Sasha Kranjac