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300,00 € + DDV

Jumpstart your intranet

An intranet can support your organization’s ability to communicate and collaborate effectively, make information easy to find, automate business processes, and help cut administrative costs... but where do you start? In this workshop, we will focus on the mechanics of building the basic structure of an intranet in modern SharePoint Online and surfacing it in Teams through Viva Connections.

At the end of the workshop, you will have a simple intranet in your own developer tenant with common solutions like a Policy Center, global navigation, and personalized content experiences.

In the developer tenant, we will:
* Create a branded experience
* Build an enterprise information architecture
* Surface the right information at the right time
* Centralize information and create search-based experiences
* Create learning and onboarding content
* Implement better practices for writing for the web
* Create a seamless connection between your SharePoint-based Intranet and Microsoft Teams
* And demo some advanced topics

Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the out-of-the-box technical capabilities, so you can focus on identifying your desired business outcomes, defining your overall content strategy and governance, and driving the adoption of your intranet at your organization.

Emily Mancini; Marc Anderson