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Leverage your development wisely: build Office 365 PnP Candy packages

, Thomas Cook Level: 300 SharePoint

If you’re developing in SharePoint and Office 365, you probably heard about PnP Libraries and all the awesomeness beneath this joint venture between Microsoft and the Community: there's well-documented examples, cool provision extensible engines, PowerShell, Spfx and a bunch of other shiny assets we can use, customize, enhance to empower our solutions.
It’s time to take a step back and look at how can we leverage all of what we've built and start to industrializing\productize your PnP assets.
The result?
Patterns and Practices packages: self-contained PnP Candy assets delivered as corporate packages to well know multinational companies
And the best part is that PnP Candy was developed under the Office Dev PnP community initiative,  so it's open-source and free!

12. 11. 2019 17:25
12. 11. 2019 18:25
Rodrigo Pinto
Thomas Cook