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Ahmad Najjar MVP
Infoworker, Senior Consultant
I'm an enthusiastic developer heart and soul and a senior consultant based in Oslo at Infoworker. I'm also an active co-organizer for SPS Oslo.

During my 14 years of experience I have mainly worked with Microsoft based technologies, like ASP.NET, C#, SQL and (of course) SharePoint, which is my main focus area, whereas I have worked with SharePoint since the beta version of MOSS 2007!

Microsoft Flow and PowerApps are "more and more" becoming my full-time focus areas when I'm not doing SharePoint! I'm always exploring them in many ways from basic to advanced scenarios...

I'm also fascinated with some of the cloud services/technologies in Azure; such as Machine Learning and Logic Apps; I'm always exploring them in the context of SharePoint/O365, in a way to take whatever we are doing to the next level.