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Stephan Bisser MVP
SOLVION, Technical Lead Austria
A couple of years ago Stephan started to dive into the MS cloud stack (O365 & Azure). He started as a SharePoint System Specialist at SOLVION where he started to set up and design SharePoint farms from an infrastructure perspective. During the daily project business, Stephan started to help customers onboard in O365 & Azure. Therefore, he already did some relatively large hybrid Office 365 infrastructure designs and Azure hybrid architectures. In the past, Stephan also did a few O365 tenant to tenant migrations, which was a quite new topic.
Stephan's new passion, however, is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the complete Microsoft AI ecosystem. This is why he is trying to put as much intelligence in the form of Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Services into business services like Office 365 and others to make it even better and smarter.
Since April 2018, Stephan is also awarded as a Microsoft MVP for Artifical Intelligence, due to his contributions in this specific area.