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Azure DevOps corporate templates for the enterprise, covering SharePoint Framework, Teams and Azure

, Jalovec Level: 300 SharePoint

Azure DevOps is a Microsoft Cloud services portfolio offering fully integrated features in order to deliver enterprise applications using continuous integrations and deployment, resulting in shorter development life cycles, faster continuous delivery with improved quality.
In this session learn how to deliver your SharePoint Framework and Azure solutions, with Azure DevOps technology.
We will touch base on guidance for creating enterprise structured repositories, shared libraries, components and solutions, leveraging azure pipelines with continuous integration \ deployments.
During the session we will walk through a real case scenario where we will:
• Learn how to bullet-prof your code repositories with permission for features, patching, and bug fixes
• Create a real azure devops templates (yml templates) for building and deployment, to be reused across any project within the company
• Learn how to build and deploy enterprise npm packages to a corporate private npm repository
• Learn how to build and deploy your enterprise powershell assets to a corporate private npm repository

This session will be extremely interactive if you plan to attend, prepare to learn!

25.05.2022 16:30
25.05.2022 17:30
Rodrigo Pinto