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Accessibility and Common Sense

, Mangart Level: 200 Development

Advertising in print and media shows young, healthy models and actors, laughing and smiling. Those are not real people. Real people face challenges: they squint to read; they fumble with their TV remotes; they are baffled by technology; they can't hear you; they are getting older. Studies now put people with accessibility needs as the majority. So why would we design products for people in ads? Learn about tested product design changes and feedback received, and how to build better software and websites for a more inclusive world. We'll look at good accessible design practices that are really just good design. We'll also look at assistive technologies including the use of AI to make solutions that can be used and loved by real people. Making software that's accessible has never been easier, makes commercial sense, and benefits everyone.

24. 05. 2022 10:45
24. 05. 2022 11:45
Bill Ayers