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Intranet quick start: how to get started in 60 minutes

, Špik Level: 100 CxO

Building an Intranet is rarely a quick thing, mainly because of all the stakeholders involved. It takes time to think about your desired business outcomes, overall content strategy, nuances of governance, define content management roles, etc. The culture of your organization will also be of key importance.

But the actual mechanics of building the basic structure of an Intranet can happen surprisingly fast in modern SharePoint. The platform out of the box puts you amazingly close to success. If you don’t believe me, come to this crazy session, where I’ll build a simple Intranet in less than an hour. I'll have a few things pre-baked for demo purposes, but mainly this will be a live demo. Of course, I'll also talk about some key extension points to take you to the next level.

Of course, then comes the hard part: doing all the extra work in your organization it takes to bring your Intranet to life. The goal is to show you the technology doesn't need to be the bottleneck.

24. 05. 2022 10:45
24. 05. 2022 11:45
Marc Anderson