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Utilizing Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to Combat Cyberthreats

, Triglav Level: 300 Security

The proliferation of cloud-based services has provided organizations with powerful tools and capabilities that were previously difficult or impossible to configure with on-premises infrastructure. While this can be convenient, it has also led to a rise in “Shadow IT” and a lack of control over your organization’s critical intellectual property. Microsoft’s Cloud App Security (MCAS) tool was designed as a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that can be used to provide visibility over the use of these tools, control the release of data uploaded to them, and help to better meet compliance requirements.

This session takes an in-depth look at MCAS, from installation and configuration though day to day administration and common use-cases for the tool. Discover how to better control, audit, and manage your organization’s data in the cloud and protect your critical data.

• Understand the threats faced to your organization from unmanaged cloud applications, including compliance threats, intellectual property loss, and malware threats.
• Examine the CASB capabilities of MCAS, including control over data travel, visibility into threats, and sophisticated analysis of user activity
• Understand how to deploy and manage an MCAS environment and the options around Microsoft licensing

25. 05. 2022 10:30
25. 05. 2022 11:30
Michael Noel