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Fatal Signs: 10 Symptoms When You Think You Have Been Hacked

, Triglav Level: 300 Security

Live Virtual Session

We all need the mandatory checklist of places to verify in case of being hacked or… at least when we are in doubt. It is all about these little things and details. For a hacker it is enough to get only one of them exploited, for Administrators, it is so much harder – they need to know them all. What’s worse: they need to check them all. There are some OS behaviors that could indicate that there is something currently active, but how can we spot what exactly is that? We will look at the places used by the system to store such information. Surprisingly your disk drive contains a lot of juicy information that can reveal a lot of secrets and history about what has happened in the past. There are also places where data can be deliberately hidden by malicious software and it would be great to know what those are. During this session, you will become familiar with the symptoms that could indicate that you have been hacked and tools and techniques to spot this kind of activities. You will also learn how you can mitigate hackers to exploit discussed OS areas.

24. 05. 2022 16:45
24. 05. 2022 17:45
Paula Januszkiewicz